VS100 Processor

Introducing VS100 a portable 10-Inch Full Touch Screen Display cum Processor designed to seamlessly connect with our wireless endoscopes. Elevate your medical procedures with a host of powerful features that redefine efficiency and precision.

Portability Meets Power

Experience the freedom of mobility with our compact and lightweight 10-inch touch screen display cum processor. No more being tethered to bulky equipment. Take it wherever your medical expertise is needed, whether it’s in the operating room, clinic, or the ICU.


Crystal-Clear HD Display

Clarity matters, especially in medical diagnostics. Our high-definition display ensures impeccable image quality, providing vivid, true-to-life visuals of your endoscopic procedures. See every detail with precision and confidence.

Integrated Recording with Effortless Playback

Capture critical moments during your procedures with the integrated recording feature. Store your findings and observations with ease, and play them back whenever necessary. Seamlessly document your work for comprehensive patient records. 

Effortless Data Transfer with USB Ports

Transferring data has never been simpler. VS100 is equipped with convenient USB ports along with SD Card slot, allowing you to effortlessly transfer images and videos to external devices for further reporting, analysis or sharing . 

Connectivity to Larger Screens via HDMI Port

VS100 offers HDMI connectivity. Easily connect to larger screens or projectors for enhanced collaboration and educational purposes with compromising on the image quality.